Thursday, September 22, 2011


Shepherds "Bush Babies" 7" @ 33rpm
Ltd. 700
White vinyl//Ornate centre labels
1 track split betwixt 2 sides

Shepherds is:
Jeremy Earl ((Of Woods//Meneguar Fame))
G. Lucas Crane ((Of Woods//Non-Horse Fame))

A: A big band warms up --> horns squeak, squeal looking for rhythm, or, maybe fulfillment within the aural scape. Never ending jazz drum solo circa '53. THE TRIBE FINDS RHYTHM. Bass bass bass drum. Whapp Whapp the toms go -- with loose heads. Scratching, scathing piano strings. RITUAL VIBES -- losing//loosing my mind. Haunting//THE HUNTED. Shepherds out for the kill at 33 luckily I'm saved by their 7" limit (digitally surely will not fare as such; no quarter).
B: THE HUNT IS ON -- big time jungle pursuit feelings. Duck into the haven of the tape manipulation cavern -- TRIBAL HOOTS COMING FROM UNKNOWN ASSAILANTS. hiding, flighty, witchy, desperate --> JUNGLE CAT ENCOUNTER. Critters got yr scent -- in the river. Horns sound a miraculous outpost on the delta-- rallied towards your aid, regarding the incoming dire spectacle --> UNRULY HEADHUNTERS//HOT PURSUIT. p o i s o n  d a r t (dynamism) = fading, hallucinating expiration. 

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